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InsaniTV Interview With Hell To Pay

Here is more of our exclusive interview with Dan Martin and Tom Henstock from the UK band Hell To Pay! We talk about their EP, Time to Rise, touring, mustaches, and a whole lot more!

For even more Hell To Pay, check out episode 22 of InsaniTV, where we talk to the boys about and show their video for the song “Blow It All Away”!

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InsaniTV Episode 22

Vinny is back with a brand new InsaniTV exclusive interview with the Manchester band, Hell To Pay! In addition to showing their video for Blow It All Away, we’ve also got videos from Odium, The Slow Forward, The Summoned, Deceptor, and A Breach of Silence!

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Band Links:

The Slow Forward:
The Summoned:
A Breach of Silence:…
Hell To Pay:

InsaniTV Episode 21

It’s a brand new year and what better way to celebrate with a brand new helping of metal from InsaniTV? Join Vinny as he brings you videos from Texas Hippie Coalition, Concrete Sun, Fit For A King, Aloop, Ancient Wind, Thunder and Lightning, and Behind the Revolver!

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