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Dream Terrors Episode 2

On this episode of Dream Terrors, we’ve got horror movie trailers, music videos from The Long Losts and Meat Hook and the Vital Organs, and Mike Streeter’s short film “She’s Not Alone!”

Trailers on this episode:

Dr Liebenstein, Murderdrome, Alien Strain, Invaluable, All Hell Breaks Loose, Chain, Science Crazed, and Blood & Circumstance.

Dream Terrors Horror Trailers Spectacular

For the premiere episode of Dream Terrors, we present a collection of terrifying trailers!  We’ve got ghosts, monsters, zombies, serial killers, and so much more!  So sit back and enjoy a look at what today’s horror filmmakers have to offer and some creepy classics!

Music for this episode was provided by Pop Murder

Film list:

The Control Group-
I Survived A Zombie Holocaust-
Ninjas vs Monsters-
Devil’s Tower-
Pieces of Talent-
Find Me-
Lost After Dark-
Gore, Quebec-
The Bunnyman Massacre-
The Last Showing-
Monsters Wanted-
The Devil’s Dozen-
President Wolfman-
Compound Fracture-
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
Truth or Dare-
Alpha Girls-
Zombie Isle-
Werewolf Rising-
The Funhouse
Raw Focus-
From Parts Unknown-